These webinars were funded by the National Disability Insurance Agency as part of the Inclusive School Communities Project. The Zoom recordings are free to watch and share, however please acknowledge the presenter and the Inclusive School Communities Project. If you watch a webinar, please help us by completing the Purple Orange feedback survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/poevent


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Online Forum Hosted by Inclusive School Mentors: Supporting Students Living with Disability in the Home Learning Environment - 6 May 2020

This is an online forum for school leaders and educators in South Australia about supporting students living with disability in the home learning environment during the COVID-19 period. This conversation will provide an opportunity to discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions, and share best practices and resources for home learning with a focus on inclusive education.

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Scan and Assess

A core component of successful inclusive school improvement involves considered reflection and monitoring of impact. Essentially – how are we going, and how do we know? This inquiry approach is paramount in identifying challenges of practice, prioritizing and action planning, and reviewing implementation. This presentation focuses on unpacking processes that assist in gathering and analysing relevant scan and asses data, including the use of surveys as a valuable and insightful qualitative measure.

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Curriculum Adjustments Practical

Equitable access to age-equivalent curriculum is a fundamental concept of inclusive education. Research demonstrates that when students with disability are included in curriculum alongside their same age peers, they achieve increased results across a range of outcomes. Despite the benefits, curricular inclusion of students requiring such levels of adjustment poses a challenge of practice for teachers. This presentation responds to that challenge by providing a practical way to plan for the inclusion of all students in their age-equivalent curriculum. A facilitated process will be modelled, and opportunity for participants to engage in the practice will be provided.

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Making Supplementary, Substantial, and Extensive Curriculum Adjustments

To comply with the Disability Standards for Education (DSE), educators must implement reasonable adjustments so that all students have the opportunity to become active and engaged learners. For some, these adjustments apply to the way in which they access and participate in curriculum. This presentation focuses on unpacking processes that ensure all students can continue to engage with their age-equivalent curriculum within the general education classroom, including those who require supplementary, substantial or extensive curriculum adjustments.

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Inclusive Online Teaching and Learning: Universal Design and Differentiated Instruction

Inclusive education is based on valuing equity and the diversity of learners as an opportunity to create universally engaging, challenging and accessible learning experiences for all students. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) planning principles and differentiated instruction (DI) provide the foundation for inclusive classroom practices, whether face-to-face or online. Within a multi-tiered systems of support framework, this workshop will explore key principles of UDL and DI and show how these can be applied to planning and teaching for the full range of learners across year levels, learning areas and settings.

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