Pulteney Grammar School

190 South Tce, Adelaide SA 5000


Pulteney Grammar is justifiably proud of its history and traditions whilst providing an inclusive, dynamic and cosmopolitan co-educational experience.

They aim to develop in all students a passion for sustained curiosity, a commitment to thinking and working creatively and to nurturing a deep appreciation and respect for diversity. Pulteney Grammar School students are engaged actively in their learning and are developing confidence in their own abilities to take on challenges, develop their critical and creative thinking and make strong connections with their community at local, national and global levels. All areas of academic and co-curricular endeavour are supported by outstanding staff who personalise learning to match individual interests and skills.

Pulteney Grammar School is a strong and supportive community of approximately 1000 students, ELC-12, enabling us to know and nurture each individual. Our unique four sub-school structure (Kurrajong, Prep, Middle School and one ninety, Pulteney’s Senior College) allows the Heads of Sub-Schools to know first-hand the 250 individual students and their families through small class sizes.

In a friendly and caring environment, enhanced by all year levels sharing one campus, interactions are fostered across the range of student ages. This is complemented by a supportive and inclusive system of pastoral care, ensuring every student can identify key adults and peers with whom they can communicate and collaborate.

Pulteney Grammar School is committed to the ongoing development of inclusive practice and policy that supports all students to be valued and actively contributing members of our community. We are proud to be participating in the Inclusive Schools Communities Project.