We're working on a new project called 'Road to Employment'

Employment is important for everyone. We gain financial independence as well as a greater sense of wellbeing, purpose and connection with others. 

People living with disability experience many societal barriers to finding and staying in work. Most people living with a disability want to and can work in mainstream employment, when we address those barriers and provide opportunities and support.

Road to Employment, is a three-year project and is funded by the Department of Social Services. We use a lifecycle approach, from childhood to adulthood to change work expectations about people living with disability. We work with employers and schools.

We deliver workshops to families, teachers and young people living with disability at key points in their lives.

The workshops are for parents with preschool children as they will soon be choosing a school for their child. They are also for students, parents and teachers of year 5 students who are transitioning to high school and for students in year 9 who are starting to think about having a job. 

The workshops and mentoring program show parents, teachers and students that most people living with a disability can work in mainstream employment with the right supports.

To find out more, please contact admin@purpleorange.org.au.